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Flame alive, compelling
Yet tender past all-telling
Reaching to the center of my soul

Burn that is my healing
Delightful wounds past feeling
Gentle hand whose touch is all I know

Lamps of fire bright-burning
With splendid brilliance, turning
Deep caverns of my soul to pools of light

Once shadowed, dim, unknowing
Now their strange new-found glowing
Give warmth and radiance to love's delight

So gentle and so loving
You wake within me, proving
That You are there in secret and alone
Your fragrant breathing stills me
Your grace, Your glory fills me
So tenderly Your love becomes my own
When You reach into the center of my soul

As the night falls on the hills
I have no light to see
Than that which burns as deeply in my heart
The lantern of my soul will guide me safely home
As I flee the care and grief departs

Wake within me
Wake within me
Please wake within me
Come and wake within me

(WAKE WITHIN ME is originally on GHOSTLY EP [2010] and was written by Aaron Hale & Robbie Seay)



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